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"My palette is an open toolbox of materials and techniques. Experimenting with a wide range of styles and resources helps me to understand just what an object can convey. My interest in combining organic with man-made materials has resulted in strong, solid objects that are built with duration in mind."

-Wesley Martel, president

Growing up in Maine, Wesley Martel learned to appreciate the organic materials of wood, stone, and water that surrounded him during his childhood. Later on, Wesley Martel studied sculpture, with a focus on metal and wood techniques, when he attended School of the Museum of Fine Arts. In 1990, he moved to Brooklyn, New York where he worked as an apprentice in some of the local workshops, and involved himself in the budding Williamsburg art community of the early 90s.

In 1995, Wesley decided to combine his two worlds of art and construction, and created Martel Design and Fabrication. Since then he has created an extensive range of custom furnishings, sliding doors, and architectural metalwork that have won him the acclaim of the New York Times among other media recognition. Some of our commissions include Raphael Vinoly, Andrew Bergman Architects, Slade Architecture, Harper Design Build, Gluckman Mayner, Ten Arquitectos, 1100 Architect, Peter Pennoyer, Roman and Williams, J Plus and Associates, and Lee Skolnik.

Our design philosophy is a simple one: keep the aesthetics minimal when allowed, create clean solid lines, and juxtapose complimentary materials and surfaces.